Models with the Most Vogue Covers per Decade

For all new and old visitors, let me tell you this is the last list I made for you, I am aware of the Instagram accounts and even some well known sites that share the lists I made and refuse to give credit to the site even when I asked for it nicely, I even reached out to these users and they claimed only use VOGUEGRAPHY as a source for images but lists are of their own, visitors of this site can see the dates when each list was published and they can compare who did it first, I have been aware of this situation for a long time, that’s why each list has some mistakes I did on purpose,

I am always doing research when I am free and I have found some new covers but at the same time I have decided to not post any information about these covers I will only update the numbers of the covers, I made up with this decision because I dislike this situation where people try to take credit for something they do not deserve it. I even thought about deleting the site but when I created VOGUEGRAPHY my only intention was sharing.

You can reach out to me only on Pinterest which is the only social media for VOGUEGRAPHY.


Betty McLauchlen 10 + covers


Anne St. Marie 26 covers


Jean Shrimpton 48 covers


Karen Graham 20 covers


Isabella Rossellini 27 covers


Linda Evangelista 58 covers


Gisele Bundchen 76 covers


Gisele Bundchen 41 covers


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