Anok Yai in Vogue

10 covers

Vogue Korea March 2019, by Hyea W. Kang.

Anok Yai Vogue Korea Match 2019

Vogue Italia May 2019, by Steven Klein.

Anok Yai for Vogue Italia May 2019

Vogue Brasil August 2019, by Luigi & Iango.

Anok Yai by Luigi and Iango Vogue Brasil August 2019

Vogue Japan September 2019, by Luigi & Iango.

Kris Grikaite by Luigi and Iango Vogue Japan September 2019

Vogue Japan January 2020, by Nick Knight.

Vogue Deutsch February 2020, by Gregory Harris.

Anok Yai by Gregory Harris Vogue Deutsch February 2020

Vogue Netherlands March 2020, by Julia Noni.

Anok Yai by Julia Noni Vogue Netherlands March 2020

Vogue US April 2020, by Tyler Mitchell.

VOGUE April 2020  Anok Yai by Tyler Mitchell Vogue US April 2020

Vogue US September 2021, by Ethan James Green.

Vogue UK February 2022, by Rafael Pavarotti.