Yasmin Wijnaldum in Vogue

14  covers

Vogue Japan February 2017, by Luigi & Iango.

Vogue China March 2017.


Vogue Russia July 2017, by Peter Ash Lee.

Yasmin Wijnaldum by Peter Ash Lee for Vogue Russia July 2017

Vogue Deutsch August 2017, by Giampaolo Sgura.

yasmin wijnaldum by giampaolo sgura vogue deutsch august 2017

Vogue Korea December 2017, by Steven Pan.

Yasmin Wijnaldum by Steven Pan for Vogue Korea December 2017

Yasmin and Jon for Vogue Mexico February 2018, by Giampaolo Sgura.

Yasmin Wijnaldum and Jon Kortajarena by Giampaolo Sgura Vogue Mexico February 2018

Vogue Netherlands April 2018, by Marc de Groot.

Yasmin Wijnaldum by Marc de Groot Vogue Netherlands April 2018

Vogue España April 2018, by Emma Summerton.

Birgit Kos Luna Bijl Yasmin Wijnaldum and Blanca Padilla by Emma Summerton Vogue Espana April 2018

Vogue Netherlands September 2018, by Quentin De Briey.

Yasmin Wijnaldum Vogue Nederland September 2018

Vogue España February 2019, by Giampaolo Sgura.

VOGUE 371 a 150

Vogue Netherlands June 2019, by Tung Walsh.

Yasmin Wijnaldum Vogue Nederland June 2019

Vogue Singapore February 2021, by Roe Ethridge.

Vogue Deutsch July-August 2021, by Chris Colls.

Vogue Thailand August 2021, by Morelli Brothers.