Du Juan Throughout the Years in Vogue

19 covers

Vogue China September 2005, by Patrick Demarchelier.


Du Juan by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue China September 2005

Vogue Paris October 2005, by Patrick Demarchelier.

Gemma Ward by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue Paris October 2005

Vogue Taiwan December 2005.

Gemma Ward by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue Taiwan December 2005

Vogue China February 2006, by Mario Sorrenti.

Du Juan by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue China February 2006

Vogue China September 2006, by Mario Sorrenti.

Gemma Ward Du Juan and Sasha Pivovarova by Mario Sorrenti Vogue China September 2006

Vogue Taiwan November 2006.


Vogue China February 2007, by Michael Thompson.


Vogue China September 2007, by Greg Kadel.

Du Juan by Greg Kadel for Vogue China September 2007

Vogue China December 2007, by Patrick Demarchelier.


Vogue China February 2008, by Mario Sorrenti.


Vogue China October 2008, by Mario Sorrenti.


Vogue China May 2009, by Mario Sorrenti.


Vogue China March 2010, by Patrick Demarchelier.

Anna Jagodzinska by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue China March 2010

Vogue China September 2011, by Inez & Vinoodh.

Du Juan and Fei Fei Sun by Inez and Vinoodh Vogue China September 2011

Vogue China February 2015, by Daniel Jackson.


Vogue China September 2015, by Mario Testino.


Vogue China September 2019.

Sui He Natalia Du Juan for Vogue China September 2019  Du Juan by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick Vogue China September 2019

Vogue China February 2020, by Leslie Zhang.

Du Juan He Cong by Leslie Zhang Vogue China February 2020

Vogue China February 2022, by Liu Song.