Erin Wasson Throughout the Years in Vogue

9 covers

Vogue Paris April 2001, by Hans Feurer.

Erin Wasson by Hans Feurer Vogue Paris April 2001

Vogue Paris February 2004, by Mario Testino.

Erin Wasson by Mario Testino Vogue Paris February 2004

Vogue Deutsch November 2004, by Mark Abrahams.

Erin Wasson by Mark Abrahams Vogue Deutsch November 2004

Vogue España July 2005, by Regan Cameron.

Erin Wasson by Regan Cameron Vogue España July 2005

Vogue Australia May 2006.

Erin Wasson Vogue Australia May 2006

Vogue España and Vogue Australia June 2011.

Erin Wasson by Alexi Lubomirski Vogue España June 2011  Erin Wasson by Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia June 2011

Vogue Netherlands May 2013, by Petrovsky & Ramone.

Erin Wasson by Petrovsky & Ramone Vogue Nederland May 2013

Vogue Czechoslovakia April 2022, by Branislav Simoncik.