Rihanna Throughout the Years in Vogue

18 covers

Vogue US April 2011, by Annie Leibovitz.


Vogue India June 2011.

Rihanna by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue India June 2011

Vogue UK November 2011, by Alasdair McLellan.


Vogue US November 2012, by Annie Leibovitz.


Vogue US March 2014, by David Sims.


Vogue Brazil May 2014,by Mariano Vivanco.

rihanna-by-mariano-vivanco-vogue-brazil-may-2014  A Hora da Estrela

Vogue US and Vogue UK April 2016.

rihanna-by-mert-and-marcus-vogue-us-april-2016  rihanna-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-april-2016

Vogue Arabia November 2017, by Greg Kadel.

Rihanna by Greg Kadel Vogue Arabia November 2017  Rihanna by Greg Kadel for Vogue Arabia November 2017

Vogue Paris Deccember 2017 January 2018.

Rihanna Vogue Paris Dec 2017 Jan 2018  Rihanna Vogue Paris Deccember 2017 January 2018

Rihanna by Juergen Teller Vogue Paris December 2017 January 2018

Vogue US June 2018, by Mert & Marcus.

Rihanna by Mert and Marcus Vogue US June 2018

Vogue UK September 2018, by Nick Knight.

Rihanna by Nick Knight Vogue UK September 2018  Rihanna by Nick Knight for Vogue UK September 2018

Vogue Australia May 2019, by Josh Olins.

Rihanna Vogue Australia May 2019

Vogue Hong Kong September 2019, by Hanna Moon.

Rihanna Vogue Hong Kong September 2019

Rihanna for Vogue Hong Kong September 2019  Rihanna by Hanna Moon Vogue Hong Kong September 2019

Vogue US November 2019, by Ethan James Green.

Rihanna by Ethan James Green Vogue US November 2019

Vogue UK May 2020, by Steven Klein.

Rihanna Vogue UK May 2020  Rihanna for Vogue UK May 2020

Vogue Italia June 2021.


Vogue US May 2022, by Annie Leibovitz.