Milla Jovovich Throughout the Years in Vogue

19 covers

Vogue Deutsch June 1997, by Michelangelo Di Battista.

Milla Jovovich by Michelangelo Di Battista Vogue Deutsch June 1997

Vogue Brasil September 1997, by Terry Richardson.


Vogue Nippon December 1999.

Milla Jovovich Vogue Nippon December 1999

Vogue Australia January 2000, by Patrick Shaw.

Milla Jovovich by Patrick Shaw for Vogue Australia January 2000

Vogue Taiwan March 2000.

Milla Jovovich Vogue Taiwan March 2000

Vogue Russia May 2000, by Warwick Saint.

Milla Jovovich by Warwick Saint Vogue Russia May 2000

Vogue Paris June July 2003, by Mario Testino.

Milla Jovovich by Mario Testino Vogue Paris June July 2003

Vogue Hellas August 2003.

Milla Jovovich by Mario Testino Vogue Hellas August 2003

Vogue España June 2006, by Tesh.

Milla Jovovich by Tesh Vogue Espana June 2006

Vogue Korea February and Vogue Deutsch May 2007.

Milla Jovovich by Tesh Vogue Korea February 2007  Milla Jovovich by Javier Vallhonrat Vogue Deutsch May 2007

Vogue Deutsch February 2011, by Francesco Carrozzini.

Milla Jovovich by Francesco Carrozzini Vogue Deutsch February 2011

Vogue Paris February 2013, by Inez & Vinoodh.

Milla Jovovich by Inez and Vinoodh Vogue Paris February 2013

Vogue Turkey May 2013, by Sebastian Faena.

Milla Jovovich by Sebastian Faena Vogue Turkey May 2013

Vogue Ukraine October 2016, by An Le.


milla-jovovich-by-an-le-for-vogue-ukraine-october-2016-1  milla-jovovich-by-an-le-vogue-ukraine-october-2016

Vogue Italia October 2016, by Peter Lindbergh.


Vogue Portugal December 2016, by Frederico Martins.

Milla Jovovich by Frederico Martins for Vogue Portugal December 2016

Vogue Korea January 2017, by Mario Sorrenti.


Vogue Taiwan January 2017, by An Le.

milla-jovovich-by-an-le-vogue-taiwan-january-2017  milla-jovovich-by-an-le-for-vogue-taiwan-january-2017