Diane Kruger Throughout the Years in Vogue

9 covers 

Vogue Paris August 1995, by Satoshi Saikusa.

Diane Kruger by Satoshi Saikusa Vogue Paris August 1995

Vogue Paris June July 1996, by Raymond Meier.

Diane Kruger by Raymond Meier Vogue Paris June July 1996

Vogue Australia March 1999, by Darren Keith.

Diane Kruger by Darren Keith Vogue Australia March 1999

Vogue Deutsch February 2008, by Vincent Peters.

Diane Kruger by Vincent Peters Vogue Deutsch February 2008

Vogue Deutsch April 2010, by Karl Lagerfeld.

Diane Kruger by Karl Lagerfeld Vogue Deutsch April 2010

Vogue Deutsch July 2014, by Camilla Åkrans.

Diane Kruger by Camilla Akrans Vogue Deutsch July 2014

Vogue Deutsch December 2017, by Luigi & Iango.

Diane Kruger by Luigi and Iango Vogue Deutsch December 2017

Vogue Deutsch October 2019, by Juergen Teller.

Diane Kruger Vogue Germany October 2019

Vogue Greece January 2021, by Mark Seliger.