Wilhelmina Throughout the Years in Vogue

23 covers

Vogue UK February 1961, by Henry Clarke.

Wilhelmina by Henry Clarke Vogue UK February 1961

Vogue US January 1962, by Karen Radkai.


Vogue US February 1 1962, by Karen Radkai.


Vogue US August 15 1962, by Gene Laurents.


Vogue Paris September 1962, by Irving Penn.


Vogue US January 1963, by Irving Penn.

Model Wilhelmina in sleeveless white dress, blue scarf and with clear umbrella

Vogue US February 1 1963.


Vogue US March 1963, by Irving Penn.


Vogue US May 1963, by Louise Dahl-Wolfe.

Wilhelmina by Louise Dahl-Wolfe Vogue US May 1963

Vogue US August 1963, by Irving Penn.

wilhelmina-by-irving-penn-vogue-us-august-1963 wilhelmina-by-irving-penn-vogue-us-august-15-1963

Vogue Paris September 1963, by David Bailey.


Vogue US January and February 1964, by Bert Stern.

wilhelmina-by-bert-stern-for-vogue-us-january-1964  wilhelmina-by-bert-stern-vogue-us-february-1964

 Vogue US May 1964, by Irving Penn.


Vogue US September 1964, by David Bailey.


Vogue US October 1964, by Irving Penn.


Vogue Italia October 1964, by Irving Penn.

Wilhelmina by Irving Penn Vogue Italia October 1964

Vogue US March and April 1965, by Irving Penn.

wilhelmina-by-irving-penn-vogue-us-march-1965  Roser01 (Paulette)

Vogue Italia April 1965, by David Bailey.

Wilhelmina by David Bailey Vogue Italia April 1965

Vogue US December 1965, by Irving Penn.

Wilhelmina by Irving Penn Vogue US December 1965

Vogue New Zealand.

Wilhelmina for Vogue New Zealand