Helena Christensen Throughout the Years in Vogue

20 covers

Vogue UK March 1990, by Peter Lindbergh.

Helena Christensen by Peter Lindbergh Vogue UK March 1990

Vogue UK August 1990, by Sante D’Orazio.

Helena Christensen by Sante D'Orazio Vogue UK August 1990

Vogue UK and Vogue Paris November 1992, by Max Vadukul.

Helena Christensen by Max Vadukul Vogue UK November 1992  Helena Christensen by Max Vadukul Vogue Paris November 1992

Vogue US January and April 1993.

by Pierre Scherman Vogue US January 1993  by Herb Ritts Vogue US April 1993

Vogue Brasil September 1993.

Helena Christensen Vogue Brazil 1993

Vogue UK December 1993, by Nick Knight.

Helena Christensen by Nick Knight Vogue UK December 1993

Vogue UK June 1994, by Fabrizio Ferri.

Helena Christensen & Tatjana Patitz by Fabrizio Ferri Vogue UK June 1994

Vogue UK and Vogue Deutsch June 1995.

Helena Christensen by Neil Kirk Vogue UK June 1995  Vogue Deutsch June 1995

Vogue UK July 1997, by Raymond Meier.

Helena Christensen by Raymond Meier Vogue UK July 1997

Vogue España December 2002, by Ellen von Unwerth.

Helena Christensen by Ellen von Unwerth Vogue Espana December 2002

Vogue Deutsch October 2004, by Mark Abrahams.


Vogue España September 2011, by Tom Munro.

Eva Herzigova Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer by Tom Munro Vogue Espana September 2011

Vogue Portugal September 2016, by An Le.

Helena Christensen by An Le Vogue Portugal September 2016

Vogue Italia October 2016, by Peter Lindbergh.


Vogue Czechoslovakia October 2019, by Pauline Suzor.


Vogue Scandinavia October/November 2021, by Henrik Bülow.

Vogue Greece April 2022, by Nico Bustos.