Yasmin Le Bon Throughout the Years in Vogue

10 covers

Vogue Italia July-August 1985, by Hiro.

Yasmin Le Bon by Hiro Vogue Italia July August 1985

Vogue UK September 1985, by Patrick Demarchelier.

Yasmin Le Bon by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue UK September 1985

Vogue UK August 1987, by Patrick Demarchelier.


Vogue Italia February and April 1988.

Yasmin Le Bon by Steven Klein Vogue Italia February 1988  Yasmin Le Bon by Albert Watson Vogue Italia April 1988

Vogue España September 1988, by Paco Navarro.

Yasmin Le Bon by Paco Navarro Vogue España September 1988

Vogue Deutsch January 1989, by Axel Siebmann.


Vogue Deutsch December 1990, by Robert Erdmann.

Yasmin Le Bon by Robert Erdmann Vogue Deutsch December 1990

Vogue Mexico June 1991, by Fernando Leon.


Vogue UK July 2007, by Patrick Demarchelier.