Anna Selezneva Throughout the Years in Vogue

12 covers

Vogue Russia and Vogue Paris September 2008.

Anna Selezneva by Mert & Marcus Vogue Paris September 2008  Anna Selezneva by Mario Testino Vogue Russia September 2008

Vogue Italia January 2009, by Steven Meisel.

Anna Selezneva & Viktoriya Sasonkina by Steven Meisel Vogue Italia January 2009

Vogue Japan March 2009, by Inez & Vinoodh.

Anna Selezneva by Inez and Vinoodh for Vogue Japan March 2009

Vogue Australia April 2009.

Anna Selezneva by Inez & Vinoodh Vogue Australia April 2009

Vogue China July 2009, by Camilla Akrans.

Anna Selezneva by Camilla Akrans Vogue China July 2009

Vogue Australia October 2009.

Vogue Australia October 2009

Vogue España August 2010, by Maciek Kobielski.

Anna Selezneva by Maciek Kobielski Vogue España August 2010

Vogue Russia June 2011, by Mariano Vivanco.

Anna Selezneva by Mariano Vivanco Vogue Russia June 2011

Vogue Mexico February 2014, by Nagi Sakai.

Anna Selezneva by Nagi Sakai for Vogue Mexico February 2014

Vogue Russia February 2014, by Hans Feurer.

Anna Selezneva by Hans Feurer Vogue Russia February 2014

Vogue Thailand February 2016.

Vogue Thailand February 2016