Brooke Shields Throughout the Years in Vogue

Photographed by Richard Avedon for Vogue US February 1980.


Vogue Deutsch April and September 1980.

brooke-shields-vogue-deutsch-april-1980  brooke-shields-by-bill-king-vogue-deutsch-september-1980

Vogue US October and December 1980, by Richard Avedon.

brooke-shields-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-october-1980  brooke-shields-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-december-1980

Vogue US May and September 1981.

brooke-shields-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-may-1981  brooke-shields-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-september-1981

Vogue US August and Vogue Paris November 1982.

brooke-shields-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-august-1982  brooke-shields-by-albert-watson-vogue-paris-november-1982

Vogue Paris September and Vogue US October 1983.

brooke-shields-by-patrick-demarchelier-vogue-paris-september-1983  brooke-shields-by-denis-piel-vogue-us-october-1983

Vogue US November 1983, by Richard Avedon.


Vogue Deutsch March and Vogue US April 1984.

brooke-shields-vogue-deutsch-march-1984  brooke-shields-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-may-1984

Vogue US and Vogue Paris October 1984.

brooke-shields-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-october-1984  brooke-shields-by-albert-watson-vogue-paris-october-1984

Vogue US February 1985, by Richard Avedon.

Brooke Shields by Richard Avedon Vogue US February 1985

Photographed by Richard Avedon for Vogue US February 1986.


Vogue US December 1987, by Denis Piel.


Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US April 2003.



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