Caroline Ribeiro Throughout the Years in Vogue

14 covers

Vogue Deutch October 1999, by Karl Lagerfeld.


Vogue Italia December 1999, by Steven Meisel.


Vogue Italia January 2000, by Steven Meisel.

Audrey Marnay Maggie Rizer & Karen Elson by Steven Meisel Vogue Italia January 2000

Vogue Paris May 2000, by Ruven Afanador.

Caroline Ribiero by Ruven Afanador Vogue Paris May 2000 Scan by Alwyn

Vogue Brasil June 2000, by Claudia Guimaraes.


Vogue España October 2000, by Andre Rau.

Caroline Ribiero by Andre Rau Vogue Spain October 2000 Scan by Alwyn

Vogue Nippon February 2001, by Tom Munro.

Caroline Robeiro by Tom Munro Vogue Nippon February 2001

Vogue Australia June 2002, by Todd Barry.


Vogue España July 2002, by Jordan Donner.


Vogue Brasil March and April 2003.

caroline-ribeiro-by-jorge-lepesteuer-vogue-brasil-march-2003  caroline-ribeiro-by-jacques-dequeker-vogue-brasil-april-2003

Vogue Brasil November 2004, by Thelma Vilas Boas.


Vogue Brasil May 2010, by Gui Paganini.

Entre nessa festa!

Vogue Brazil July 2016, by Henrique Gendre.

caroline-ribeiro-by-henrique-gendre-vogue-brasil-july-2016  caroline-ribeiro-by-henrique-gendre-vogue-brazil-july-2016