Michelle Alves Throughout the Years in Vogue

12 covers

Vogue Brasil April 2001, by Willy Biondani.

Michelle Alves by Willy Biondani Vogue Brasil April 2001

Vogue España November 2001, by Nacho Pinedo.

Michelle Alves Ana Beatriz Barros by Nacho Pinedo Vogue Espana November 2001

Vogue Australia December 2001, by Steven Meisel.

Michelle Alves by Steven Meisel for Vogue Australia December 2001

Vogue Italia May 2002, by Steven Meisel.


Vogue Deutsch June 2003, by Jonty Davies.


Vogue Portugal August 2003, by Jacques Dequeker.

Michelle Alves by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Portugal August 2003

Vogue España December 2003, by Thomas Nützl.


Vogue Deutsch and Vogue Brasil October 2004.

Michelle Alves by Mark Abrahams Vogue Deutsch October 2004  michelle-alves-by-jacques-dequeker-vogue-brasil-october-2004

Vogue Brasil July 2005, by J.R. Duran.


Vogue Brasil January 2006, by Jacques Dequeker.


Vogue Brasil May 2009, by Steven Klein.