Kim Alexis Throughout the Years in Vogue

24 covers

Vogue UK December 1978, by Alex Chatelain.


Vogue US August and October 1979.

kim-alexis-by-patrick-demarchelier-vogue-us-august-1979  kim-alexis-vogue-us-october-1979

Vogue US November and December 1979.

kim-alexis-by-stan-malinowski-vogue-us-november-1979  kim-alexis-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-december-1979

Vogue Deutsch February 1980, by John Stember.

Kim Alexis by John Stember Vogue Deutsch February 1980

Vogue US June and September 1980.

kim-alexis-by-francesco-scavullo-vogue-us-june-1980  Kim Alexis by Richard Avedon Vogue US September 1980

Vogue UK October 1980, by George Barkentin.

Kim Alexis by George Barkentin Vogue UK October 1980

Vogue US and Vogue Paris November 1980.

Kim Alexis by Richard Avedon Vogue US November 1980  kim-alexis-by-arthur-elgort-vogue-paris-november-1980

Vogue US February and April 1981.

kim-alexis-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-february-1981  kim-alexis-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-april-1981

Vogue US June and Vogue Paris June July 1981.

kim-alexis-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-june-1981  kim-alexis-by-albert-watson-vogue-paris-june-july-1981

Vogue US November 1981, by Richard Avedon.


Vogue Italia January 1982, by Renato Grignaschi.


Vogue Italia March 1983, by Bill King.


Vogue US July and September 1984.

kim-alexis-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-july-1984  kim-alexis-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-september-1984

Vogue Paris November 1984, by Albert Watson.


Vogue Deutsch January 1985, by Bill King.

Kim Alexis by Bill King Vogue Deutsch January 1985

Vogue US April 1985, by Richard Avedon.


Vogue Deutsch May 1986, by Eric Boman.