Ana Beatriz Barros Throughout the Years in Vogue

Vogue España November 2001, by Nacho Piñedo.


Vogue Brasil November 2003, by Gui Paganini.

Ana Beatriz Barros by Gui Paganini Vogue Brasil November 2003

Vogue Brazil April 2004, by Miro.

Ana Beatriz Barros by Miro Vogue Brazil April 2004

Vogue Mexco May 2004, by Tony Notarberardino.

Ana Beatriz Barros Vogue Mexico May 2004

Vogue Brasil October 2007, by Isabel Garcia.

Ana Beatriz Barros by Isabel Garcia Vogue Brasil October 2007

Vogue Portugal December 2010, by Solve Sundsbo.

Ana Beatriz Barros by Solve Sundsbo Vogue Portugal December 2010

Ana Beatriz, Aline, Isabeli and Izabel by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Brasil April 2014.

Isabeli Fontana