Jacquetta Wheeler Throughout the Years in Vogue

10 covers

Vogue Italia and Vogue Nippon October 1999.

Jacquetta Wheeler by Steven Meisel Vogue Italia October 1999   Jacquetta Wheeler by Mario Testino Vogue Nippon October 1999

Vogue Italia March 2001, by Steven Meisel.

Hannelore Knuts Trish Goff Jacquetta Wheeler by Steven Meisel Vogue Italia March 2001

Vogue UK January 2002, by Mario Testino.

by Mario Testino Vogue UK January 2002

Vogue Hellas November 2003, by Mario Testino.


Vogue Deutsch and Vogue España October 2004.

Jacquetta Wheeler by Mark Abrahams Vogue Deutsch October 2004  Jacquetta Wheeler by Juan Gatti Vogue Espana October 2004

Vogue Deutsch January 2005, by Patrick Demarchelier.

Jacquetta Wheeler by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue Deutsch January 2005

Vogue UK July 2007, by Patrick Demarchelier.


Vogue Portugal April 2015, by Frederico Martins.

Jacquetta Wheeler by Frederico Martins Vogue Portugal April 2015