Natalie Portman Throughout the Years in Vogue

15 covers

Vogue Australia July 1999, by Andrew Southam.

Natalie Portman by Andrew Southam for Vogue Australia July 1999

Vogue Deutsch and Vogue UK August 1999.

Natalie Portman Vogue Deutsch August 1999  Natalie Portman by Regan Cameron Vogue UK August 1999

Vogue US May 2002, by Steven Klein.

Natalie Portman by Steven Klein Vogue US May 2002

Vogue Taiwan June 2002.

Vogue Taiwan June 2002

Vogue Korea July 2002.

Vogue Korea July 2002

Vogue US February 2004, by Mario Testino.

Natalie Portman by Mario Testino Vogue US February 2004

Vogue Korea March 2004.

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

Vogue UK October and Vogue Deutsch November 2005.

Natalie Portman by Corinne Day Vogue UK October 2005  Natalie Portman by Mark Abrahams Vogue Deutsch November 2005

Vogue Mexico February 2006.

Natalie Portman by Corinne Day Vogue Mexico February 2006

Vogue US March 2006, by Craig McDean.

Natalie Portman by Craig McDean Vogue US March 2006

Vogue Australia August 2006.

Natalie Portman by Craig McDean Vogue Australia August 2006

Vogue US January 2011, by Peter Lindbergh.


Vogue Australia April 2019, by Emma Summerton.

Natalie Portman by Emma Summerton Vogue Australia April 2019