Sarah Murdoch Throughout the Years in Vogue

Vogue Australia April and June 1993, by Graham Shearer.

sarah-murdoch-by-graham-shearer-vogue-australia-april-1993  sarah-murdoch-by-graham-shearer-vogue-australia-june-1993

On the cover of Vogue España November 1993.


Vogue Australia April and June 1994, by Grant Matthews.

sarah-murdoch-by-grant-matthews-vogue-australia-april-1994  sarah-murdoch-by-grant-matthews-vogue-australia-june-1994

Vogue España July and August 1994.

sarah-murdoch-vogue-espana-july-1994  sarah-murdoch-vogue-espana-august-1994

Vogue Australia and Vogue España May 1995.

sarah-murdoch-by-nicholas-samartis-vogue-australia-may-1995  sarah-murdoch-by-eamonn-mccabe-vogue-espana-may-1995

Photographed by Richard Bailey for Vogue Australia March 1996


Vogue Australia July 1996, by Julian Broad.


Photographed by Darren Keith for Vogue Australia October 1997.


Vogue Australia May 1998, by James Houston.


Photographed by Hugh Stewart for Vogue Australia March 2006.


Vogue Australia August 2014, by Steven Chee.



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