Renée Simonsen Throughout the Years in Vogue

Vogue Italia November 1982.


Vogue UK January and Vogue Paris February 1983, by Albert Watson.

renee-simonsen-by-albert-watson-vogue-uk-january-1983  renee-simonsen-by-albert-watson-vogue-paris-february-1983

Vogue Deutsch March 1983, by Bert Stern.


Vogue US and Vogue Deutsch April 1983.

renee-simonsen-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-april-1983  renee-simonsen-by-albert-watson-vogue-deutsch-april-1983

Photographed by Albert Watson for Vogue Paris May 1983.


Vogue US and Vogue Deutsch September 1983.

renee-simonsen-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-september-1983  renee-simonsen-by-bill-king-vogue-deutsch-september-1983

Vogue Paris February 1984, by Albert Watson.


Vogue US and Vogue Deutsch April 1984.

renee-simonsen-by-richard-avedon-vogue-us-april-1984  renee-simonsen-by-bill-king-vogue-deutsch-april-1984

Vogue US December 1984, by Richard Avedon.


Vogue US November 1985, by Richard Avedon.


Vogue Paris February and Vogue Deutsch June 1986 by Bill King.

renee-simonsen-by-bill-king-vogue-paris-february-1986  renee-simonsen-by-bill-king-vogue-deutsch-june-1986

Photographed by Eric Boman for Vogue Deutsch May 1987.



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