Rianne van Rompaey Throughout the Years in Vogue

18 covers

Vogue Italia September 2014, by Steven Meisel.

Vogue Italia September 2014

Vogue Netherlands January February 2016, by Nico Bustos.


Vogue Italia March 2016, by Steven Meisel.


Vogue Deutsch June 2016, by Daniel Jackson


Vogue China and Vogue Russia October 2016.

rianne-van-rompaey-by-roe-ethridge-vogue-china-october-2016  rianne-van-rompaey-by-patrick-demarchelier-vogue-russia-october-2016

Vogue Paris November 2017, by Inez & Vinoodh.

Rianne van Rompaey by Inez and Vinoodh Vogue Paris November 2017

Vogue Italia June 2018, by Willy Vanderperre.

Rianne van Rompaey by Willy Vanderperre Vogue Italia June 2018

Vogue Paris March 2019, by David Sims.

Rianne van Rompaey by David Sims Vogue Paris March 2019

Vogue Italia April 2019, by Karim Sadli.

Rianne van Rompaey by Karim Sadli Vogue Italia April 2019

Vogue Paris May 2019, by Mikael Jansson.

Rianne van Rompaey Vogue Paris May 2019

Vogue Paris September 2019.

Rianne van Rompaey Vogue Paris September 2019  Rianne van Rompaey by Mikael Jansson Vogue Paris September 2019

Vogue Deutsch December 2019, by Collier Schorr.

Rianne van Rompaey Vogue Germany December 2019

Vogue Korea February 2020, by Luigi & Iango.

Rianne van Rompaey for Vogue Korea February 2020  Rianne van Rompaey Vogue Korea February 2020

Vogue Paris October 2020, by Carlijn Jacobs.

Vogue Paris November 2020, by Mikael Jansson.

Vogue Japan February 2021, by Luigi & Iango.

Vogue Korea August 2021, by Nicolas Ghesquière.

2 thoughts on “Rianne van Rompaey Throughout the Years in Vogue

  1. love her, but only have 13, the “first Vogue Italia 2014” isn’t a real cover, it’s just a editorial extencion of the same picture , cover is when used the VOGUE logo on the front, not an extensión so the vogue paris octover 2018 with Eddie Kaia Imaan is also a cover too??? I don’t think so…. sorry love her supermodel art.


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