Fernanda Tavares Throughout the Years in Vogue

Photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris June July 1998.

Fernanda Tavares by Mario Testino Vogue Paris June July 1998

Vogue España April and September 1999.

Fernanda Tavares by Michaelangelo Di Battista Vogue Spain April 1999  Fernanda Tavares by Andre Rau Vogue Spain September 1999

Vogue Brazil November and December 2000.

Fernanda Tavares by Enrique Badulescu Vogue Brazil November 2000  Fernanda Tavares by Daniel Klajmic Vogue Brazil December 2000

Photographed by Todd Barry for Vogue Australia March 2002.

Fernanda Tavares by Todd Barry Vogue Australia March 2002

Vogue Brazil May 2002, by Miro.

Vogue Brazil May 2002

Vogue Brasil June and July 2002.

Fernanda Tavares by Miro Vogue Brazil June 2002  Fernanda Tavares by Bob Wolfenson Vogue Brazil July 2002

Voge Espana February 2003, by Enrique Badulescu.

Fernanda Tavares by Enrique Badulescu Vogue Spain February 2003

On the cover of Vogue Mexico December 2004.

Fernanda Tavares Vogue Mexico December 2004

Isabeli, Caroline, and Fernanda by Gui Paganini for Vogue Brasil May 2010.

Entre nessa festa!


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